General Info


What can I expect on a Personal Retreat?


On sabbatical, expect change, new perspectives, moments of clarity, wonder and a good night's sleep!  You can expect mornings and afternoons of mesmerizing bird watching at the feeders or around the property. Sitting on the cool porch in the summer or by a warm fireplace in the fall, you can expect time to read, think and reflect. 


What shall I bring?

 You can enhance your visit to Prairie Pond Woods by bringing the following items: Journal / Books / Camera / Binoculars / Hiking Shoes / Indoor Shoes



Where can I wander Nearby?

If you are prone to wander, Adams Country is full of interesting places, all within a 5-25-minute drive. On the next road over is Lynx Prairie, a National Natural Landmark.  Both The Wilderness Trail and Buzzard's Roost Trail, part of The Nature Conservancy’s Edge of Appalachia Preserve system, are less than 15 minutes away.  A drive to Shawnee State Park takes only 25 minutes.  Many Adams County Amish businesses , including hand-made furniture, farm markets and bakeries are also nearby.