Personal Retreats & Sabbaticals


Sab-bat-i-cal - bringing a period of rest.
Any extended period of leave from one's customary work
to acquire new skills or training

 Webster's Dictionary


1.Creative Retreats

Prairie Pond Woods is a preferred destination for Artists, Musicians, Photographers, and Writers who need a quiet, secluded and beautiful place for creative inspiration. We will try to acommodate an individual needs you may have for your creative process.

2.Spiritual Sabbaticals

At Prairie Pond Woods, host Cindy Steffen will accomodate short or extended private stays for individual adults or couples seeking Spiritual Renewal and Connection. The cozy home, walks on the Refresher Course or sitting by the fire or bird feeders in Kavanah will allow you the solitude needed for reflection, journaling, prayer reading or study. Hour-long Spiritual Direction sessions are also offered with Cindy at an additional fee.

Never experienced intentional time alone?
Even for folks used to solitude, it can be difficult to "center down" right away.  So, for those taking baby steps (which we APPLAUD!), Heart By Nature can provide a Self-Directed Outline...just a few reflections and suggestions to get you started.  A Couple"s Self-Directed Outline is also available.

3.Nature Explorations 

Prairie Pond Woods' 27-acres allows for great wildlife and wildflower viewing (bird feeders always full!). Cindy would be happy to lead you on a guided hike through the property to interpret the geology, history, flora and fauna found in our lil' part of the Lil' Smokies. Trailheads for The Nature Conservancy and Shawnee State Park and Forest are also between 10-20 minutes away if you are a professional or amateur naturalists seeking to discover the biological diversity of Adams County.

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Prairie Pond Woods is a very special place
and I have a long, full day’s worth of photographs to prove it!   This gorgeous location is a nature photographer’s dream: wildlife, insects, wildflowers and a beautiful landscape all rolled into one!